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When Money Disappears Into Thin Air…

You ever seen money disappear? 

In seconds? To millions of people at once?

The Dow Jones worst day ever was this week.

All the gains for The Dow and the S&P that were made in 2018 were erased. In minutes.

But this was very sudden. Un-expected. 

Just a month or so ago, greedy stock owners were having a field day …many were taking money out of their 401K to pay for things like home improvement and other things.

Their profits were way up. And they were smart...in hindsight. 

But the rest? They're freaking out. 

And their emotions are dictating their actions. It's terrible.

They’d thought the ride would last forever, and they’d stuck all their eggs in this one basket.

One they didn’t have any control over. 

One that they had no power to regulate or direct in any way.

Reminds me of a lot of business owners, marketers and consultants and coaches these days.

They have one skill. And they don’t bother to learn another if the market’s wishes change. 

They only advertise one ONE traffic source. They don’t think to have a backup plan incase that traffic source closes it’s doors or bans their account.

They take needless risk, make hyper claims and think, “Well, if I have an issue, I’ll tackle it then.”

Wrong. False. And a very dangerous way to play the business game.

That’s why I have contingency plans for nearly all of my marketing efforts. 

When something stops working, before it does, I corse correct. I adjust. I fine-tune. 

And I move forward. As should we all. 

I don’t bank on “one” thing working out perfectly. I don’t falsely believe every shot I try will go into the basket. 

I have backup plans. 

Failsafes and redundancies. 

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