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The Amazing $17,000 FB Ad Framework.


This went really well on my personal page so I’m testing it on another page.

Today I’m doing something… crazy. Already got a ton of feedback on it so I’m testing it out on my fan page now.

Either way this ad is a 4 part test and I’ve got all 4 ads.

Today i’d like to share ONE of those ads with you.

I’m giving you one of my FB ad templates which is the STARTING point to about $18,000+ in income.

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“It’s Time To Stop Running”

Recently a Vanity Fair article talked about a curious selling power… and how late-night TV show The Fugitive used it so well..

Here’s the backstory: Framed for the murder of his wife, Dr. Richard Kimball was on the run. For YEARS.
As the show dragged on, the TV creators were talking back and forth about how to end the show…
The Fugitive’s fourth season was going to be its last.

“Television shows come and go, and this was going to go,” Leonard Goldberg, then ABC’s president of programming, tells Vanity Fair. “As we got closer to the final episode, a friend said to me, ‘What’s going to happen? Who [murdered Kimble’s wife?] Did they catch him?’”…
After the episode aired, though, “I realized we were going to leave viewers empty-handed, and that was wrong,” Goldberg, 83, says. “I went to the [higher-ups] at the network and said, ‘We have to give people a conclusion.’” Some execs worried that a final episode would hurt The Fugitive in syndication; others argued that closure wasn’t necessary because viewers knew The Fugitive was just a television show.
To the latter, Goldberg responded, “But they are deeply invested. This is our business;…”

The article went on, but the point remains: 

The viewers HAD TO KNOW what happened to Dr. Kimball.

Did he get away? Did he get justice?
Did he die?
What happened?

And that’s the same thing they want from your products or services.

They are asking. Can I do it? Will you help me?
Can I really succeed?
What’s inside THIS box you sent me?
Do you see the selling emotion they were using? It was the power of curiosity. It was an itch that had to be scratched.
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