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Meet Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary from Razor Social
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Recently, I sat down with Ian Cleary for a few sessions...all the way from sunny Ireland...

Here's what he said. 

I've just finished a coaching session with Lawton. 

It was absolutely awesome.

 I run a site called RazorSocial.com. I provide a lot of social media training. Its one of the top social media sites in the world. So I only want to work with the best people and that's why I reached out to Lawton.

I mean the money I spent with Lawton is an investment because I know from the tips I got it, will definitely improve conversion and I'll get an awful lot more money back than I paid to Lawton.

So I'll definitely use Lawton and come back to him on a regular basis. It was great as well getting a video of the whole conversation at the end and it was just super valuable. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Lawton.


Hi, this is Lawton Chiles

and I want to tell you how to get $8,000 worth of marketing training and exclusive gifts--FREE. 

First, I want to give you my six week course, sales message success...

It's all about crafting an ultra powerful sales letter--even if you're not a Pro Writer or an "expert".

Even if you can't write your way out of a paper bag.

You'll also get a walk you through on how to craft your headlines, and your sales message openings for maximum impact and readability ...

and you'll discover how to STRUCTURE and format your offer so the most people take you up on what you got.

Assuming what you have makes their lives better.

You see how to reverse all of the risk your audience might feel before they say yes to your product or service. 


You'll get my ultimate UPSELL templates....

which have never been released before. so you could double your sales from that one sales letter I'm showing you how to craft.

Oh and this is EASY. We do it in little chunks so you wont' be overwhlemed or feel like this is just another product or service you bought but won't use.

I hate that. My stuff is designed for one thing...GETTING YOU RESULTS.

and I'll also give you a little snippet of text which has up to 35% percent of people taking me up on a little side offer.

This side offer lives on your order checking page.

And it can easily doubles my conversions.

This little text snippet makes my campaigns profitable. 

And I'm going to give it to you on a silver platter.

It's all waiting for you when you try The Lawton Chiles Inner Circle 

plus you're also going to get access. You're also going to get access to the conversion here and what is the Conversion Cure.

Well you're getting 21 new ways to follow with people who might say no to your offer the first time and you're getting two hours of no secrets. Persuasion strategies and ways to write and craft an email even if you're not a great copywriter even if you don't know what to write to make sales.

And even if you don't have a lot of time to craft these emails. 


I'm constantly adding to this collection inside of the conversion cure and you'll get all that and more at least at the 12 in there right now so it's all apart.

So, join the Lawton Chiles Inner Circle .

I invite you to join it and all the details are on the next page. Just click this ad and you'll go to the next page and get all the details. But you must hurry because all of the bonuses $8,000 worth of them are going away very soon.

So click this link see if it's right for you and I'll see you on the inside of the Lawton Chiles Inner Circle. Thanks so much.

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