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Agora’s Billion Dollar Writing Secret…

Agora Financial's Secret Copy Outline!

Agora Financials Secret Copy Outline!!

This company is a monster.

Agora Financial is the world's biggest direct response company. They have dozens of highly skilled copywriters on staff.1 

They routinely have meetings where even "good" ideas are shut-down regularly--and only "stellar" ones get green-lighted for testing.

So, I was shocked when I found out that they routinely take guys and gals who have never written a word of sales-copy of their entire lives, and teach them how to crank out multimillion dollar promotions in just days.

Yes, you read me right. These million-dollar promos take just DAYS to craft. 

The reason I was shocked is it takes even veteran copywriters MONTHS to craft pieces of a promotional material.

The winning headline...the lead...the Big Idea...

...the bullet points or fascinations...

...the offer structure.

But these "raw rookies" are cranking out multimillion dollar winners at a fraction of that time.1

I found out, this runaway success all comes down to the system that they use: the ones they teach green writers.

You can see how the system works here. 


This gets my highest endorsement.

P.S-I found all you need is a love of reading and the ability to follow simple directions. 

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