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When Money Disappears Into Thin Air…

You ever seen money disappear? 

In seconds? To millions of people at once?

The Dow Jones worst day ever was this week.

All the gains for The Dow and the S&P that were made in 2018 were erased. In minutes.

But this was very sudden. Un-expected. 

Just a month or so ago, greedy stock owners were having a field day …many were taking money out of their 401K to pay for things like home improvement and other things.

Their profits were way up. And they were smart...in hindsight. 

But the rest? They're freaking out. 

And their emotions are dictating their actions. It's terrible.

They’d thought the ride would last forever, and they’d stuck all their eggs in this one basket.

One they didn’t have any control over. 

One that they had no power to regulate or direct in any way.

Reminds me of a lot of business owners, marketers and consultants and coaches these days.

They have one skill. And they don’t bother to learn another if the market’s wishes change. 

They only advertise one ONE traffic source. They don’t think to have a backup plan incase that traffic source closes it’s doors or bans their account.

They take needless risk, make hyper claims and think, “Well, if I have an issue, I’ll tackle it then.”

Wrong. False. And a very dangerous way to play the business game.

That’s why I have contingency plans for nearly all of my marketing efforts. 

When something stops working, before it does, I corse correct. I adjust. I fine-tune. 

And I move forward. As should we all. 

I don’t bank on “one” thing working out perfectly. I don’t falsely believe every shot I try will go into the basket. 

I have backup plans. 

Failsafes and redundancies. 

Do you? THat’s why, if you’d like a whole slew of new marketing tactics—secrets—and method which aren’t tired and old, go here to my new training.

What You'll Discover...

Secret #1: Where to find these Frameworks & Formulas to "Fill In The Blanks" and sell your products & services fast.

Secret #2: Billions of dollars have been spent by Hollywood and Major Media on these “Frameworks”. Ethically knock of the most effective sales headlines and persuasion angles found inside…

Secret #3: How to craft a red-hot sales message which not only RESONATES with readers but ends up with actual BUYERS...even if you hate selling and aren't a "pro" writer...

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The Death Of Your Emails? It Will Be If You Keep Doing This.

If you craft emails--and want to see BIGGER sales and engagement more often--please don't make these mistakes. 

For more tips on how to triple your sales with email, go here...

If you craft emails--and want to see BIGGER sales and engagement more often--please don't make these mistakes. 

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“Do I Have To “Write Good” To Compel People To Buy?”

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I get this question a lot and that is: 

"Do I have to be a pro writer to get really good results with email?"

And my answer is a resounding no!

The truth is, it's almost better that you're not steeped in the evil manipulative ways of professional copywriters such as myself, because YOU can come at this with a fresh angles...

That's the best part for you! You're eyes will be opened to the true power of these words and formulas.

And with that--the sky is the limit.

Even better? You'll be able to spot winning formulas and new angles sell your material. Whatever that is.

Coaching. Consulting. 

Expensive Products. 

Live events. 

Doesn't matter. Are you getting this? The best part is, you'll be able to do it in just minutes.  In fact, that's the best thing about the training my friend Bond Halbert and I put together for you.

You can go through it all in an afternoon.

You'll start writing insanely compelling subject lines...headlines...Facebook ads...

... article titles..fancy blog posts.

In the same day.

That's not a "hyped up" exaggeration. It's just the truth.

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Agora’s Billion Dollar Writing Secret…

Agora Financial's Secret Copy Outline!

Agora Financials Secret Copy Outline!!

This company is a monster.

Agora Financial is the world's biggest direct response company. They have dozens of highly skilled copywriters on staff.1 

They routinely have meetings where even "good" ideas are shut-down regularly--and only "stellar" ones get green-lighted for testing.

So, I was shocked when I found out that they routinely take guys and gals who have never written a word of sales-copy of their entire lives, and teach them how to crank out multimillion dollar promotions in just days.

Yes, you read me right. These million-dollar promos take just DAYS to craft. 

The reason I was shocked is it takes even veteran copywriters MONTHS to craft pieces of a promotional material.

The winning headline...the lead...the Big Idea...

...the bullet points or fascinations...

...the offer structure.

But these "raw rookies" are cranking out multimillion dollar winners at a fraction of that time.1

I found out, this runaway success all comes down to the system that they use: the ones they teach green writers.

You can see how the system works here. 


This gets my highest endorsement.

P.S-I found all you need is a love of reading and the ability to follow simple directions. 


Meet Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary from Razor Social
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Recently, I sat down with Ian Cleary for a few sessions...all the way from sunny Ireland...

Here's what he said. 

I've just finished a coaching session with Lawton. 

It was absolutely awesome.

 I run a site called RazorSocial.com. I provide a lot of social media training. Its one of the top social media sites in the world. So I only want to work with the best people and that's why I reached out to Lawton.

I mean the money I spent with Lawton is an investment because I know from the tips I got it, will definitely improve conversion and I'll get an awful lot more money back than I paid to Lawton.

So I'll definitely use Lawton and come back to him on a regular basis. It was great as well getting a video of the whole conversation at the end and it was just super valuable. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Lawton.

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